Massage Packages


To book a massage package please call (540) 994 - 5659 ext. 3. These Packages are a fun and unique choice for couples, birthdays, Bridal showers, girl’s days, and more!

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Diva for a Day Package

Do something different for your next girls’ get-together and make a party out of pampering yourself. All you have to focus on is relaxing and chatting – let us take care of the rest.

· Charcuterie and Cheese Board

· Fresh Fruit

· Your choice of Sangria, Wine or Tea Service

The Diva for a Day Package is a fun, fully customizable experience. This package is a popular choice for birthdays, bridal and baby showers, mother/daughter outings or just anytime you want to celebrate with friends.


Add our Dessert Sampling for an additional $5/person

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Serenity Package

The Serenity Package is designed to help you escape the stress and busyness of daily life while you indulge your senses with aromatic herbal tea, vibrant healthy foods and soothing restorative massage (priced separately) by a licensed professional.

· Healthy Appetizers crafted with fresh seasonal ingredients with health promoting qualities such as encouraging calmness and aiding in the nurturing and restoration of the body.

· The Service featuring a “Serenity Blend” of green and herbal teas. This special blend incorporates green tea, match, calming lavender and restorative holy basil known to lead you to a balanced state. Green Tea is renowned for helping the body balance internal and external stress thanks to its apoptogenic nature. When green tea’s small bit of caffeine mingles with peaceful lavender, it yields a state of calm alertness.

This Package is a personal relaxation retreat just for you and is also a wonderful way to share quality time with a few close friends or that special someone in your life.


Add our Dessert Sampling for an additional $5/person

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Dessert Sampling

]For those who feel it’s not complete without dessert, we’ve created a miniature dessert samplings – all made-from scratch!


If the appointment time you'd like is not available please contact us for

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