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"Faith House" Book Reading and Signing - Local Author

Local Author Patricia Farrell is excited to present her new release “Faith House.” Patricia is from the Snowville area and also works as a life coach. Join us in the Draper Blooms Tea Garden as she reads passages and discusses her inspiration for the book. Please call (540) 200 - 5668 for reservations - space is limited.

Book Synopsis:

Who understands the compulsions of addiction better than the addict?

Who understands the fear of loneliness better than the one who was left behind?

Faith House: A Journey to Faith is the story of how God intervened in Pat’s dark and desolate places to bring discovery and recovery to her life. When everyone else walked out of her life, Jesus walked in. And with Him came a passion and a purpose to show that every woman would know she is enoughthat her past is forgiven and her destiny is the purpose God created her for.

“For Nothing is Impossible with God.”
Luke 1:37