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Kombucha with Me - Kombucha Making Class with Carmen Stephanie Mays

Learn all about Kombucha (a fermented tea beverage) and why fermented foods are so good for you. In this workshop you will receive a complete kit that has everything you need to create your own batch of Organic Kombucha. 

Join us for this exciting class! Take home a Nutrient Dense Food
that will reproduce itself for years to come.

• Kombucha aids in Cancer Prevention - Glucaric Acid, 
produced during the brewing process has been found to reduce the risk of Cancer.
• Energy - Kombucha contains ample amounts of iron. The iron improves oxygen to blood cells, increasing Energy. Not only is
Kombucha invigorating, it is surprisingly delicious, a fuzzy mixture of sweet and tart.
• Weight Loss - Kombucha both boosts Metabolism and reduces Fat Accumulation.
• Joint Care - Kombucha contains large amounts of Glucosamines, which helps prevent joint and arthritic pain. Kombucha is said to heal, repair and prevent joint damage.

Information taken from Dr. Axe at

Tickets are $35/person
Class includes your own kombucha kit to take home.
limited availability - Call (540) 994 - 5659 ext 3 for tickets

Class will be taking place in The Village Chapel in the Draper Village located at 3091 Greenbriar Rd, Draper, VA 24324