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Part 1 - Herbal and Holistic Medicine Classes by Kayla Stieg

We are excited to bring more of the healing arts to the Draper Village!

Classes will take place in the Draper Blooms Tea Garden at the Draper Villlage. 

In Part 1 (taking place on September 21st from 6PM to 8PM) of our Herbs and Holistic Medicine Class by Kayla D Stieg of Valhalla Holistic Healing, students will learn general knowledge of holistic medicine, wild crafting and foraging for herbs in the area, as well as which herbs grow naturally around the Virginia area. We will also discuss how to use herbs to heal ailments of the body. Enjoy hands on experience with the herbs in this class. 

In Part 2 (taking place on September 24th from 6PM to 8PM) students will continue their learning of how to use herbs to heal ailments in the body as well as learn recipes using herbs. Additionally we will discuss the health and wellness benefits of aromatherapy and crystals. 

Students are encouraged to request specific topics prior to class.

Classes are $70/both or $40/one class - tea and light refreshments are included. To purchase tickets please call (540) 994 - 5659 ext 3 - space is limited!