Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being
— J. Stanford

Thee Draper Village encompasses many diverse elements and activities, but at its deepest core the Village has one simple mission: To help people THRIVE. So often, it’s the simplest of pleasures that feed our soul. Food, music, art, the great outdoors… all of these things nurture our whole being and are important parts of a life well lived. We believe in bringing people together in meaningful ways so that they can learn, share, collaborate and experience joy. Healing Arts offerings are a vital part of the Village’s mission. Through nurturing our own health and nurturing our community as a whole, we can all THRIVE together.


At its heart, Thee Draper Village is a beacon for well-living and well-being – a place where you can manifest the life you aspire to.  We’re grateful for the healing arts professionals who have joined us to share their talents and make it possible for everyone to enjoy access to abundant wellness opportunities.  Check back frequently as our healing arts offerings continue to grow.